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TLDR, Does anyone know which sensors control the odometer? Is it the ABS sensors?


I bought a very messed up 2014 Dodge Charger Hemi Pursuit AWD car a few months ago as a project car and it has been a wild ride. First I had to replace the cam and lifters as you do with these. And now I'm tackling another major problem with the transmission.

The Problem: It seems to take a while to pick up speed off the line. So if you give it some gas at a stop sign, it takes unnecessarily long to get going. An assortment of codes have popped up, but the primary one is P0731 - incorrect first gear ratio. I figured the insanely large amount of idle hours and mileage (202k) had just worn through the clutches. However I've dropped the pan and the valve body and there really isn't that much crap inside. This, combined with the fact that the NAG1 is a very durable transmission has led me to believe it is an electrical problem.

What I've done to try to fix it: I initially had no communication with the TCM - so I replaced that with a refurbished pre-programmed unit. Then, I pulled the valve body off a junkyard tranny. These two repairs have managed to get my car out of 2nd gear limp mode. Now it doesn't seem to be throwing any codes anymore, however it's still slow off the line and the Service AWD light is on. I haven't tested the car enough yet to be sure if it's shifting into all gears. I was running open manifolds for a little while due to the exhaust being dropped and it was just too loud to reasonably test the car around town.

My very strange finding: So last night I was looking through the witech scanner and I noticed some discrepancies in mileage when certain codes first started to appear. So I was curious as to how long ago I bought the car, so I reviewed my pictures and I found that the day I bought the car the mileage was 202051. The current mileage of the car is 202292. This means I drove the car 241 miles which is absolutely impossible. I towed the car home and it has left the garage maybe once or twice. It's been driven probably less than 25 miles. So now my questions is, how the hell could this be happening? The modules are not throwing a single code for any kind of ABS sensor errors. And, as far as I can tell, my speedometer is reading correctly. So where does the odometer get its reading from?

I really appreciate any advise and please forgive me for my rambling. Thanks!
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