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Recently I have ben hearing an odd sound at or near WOT, it's not consistent, but I can make it do it.
Sounds somewhat like blowing air across the top of a soda bottle. Seems to be coming from the middle underside of the car.
Also, at the same time, I get a fairly strong smell of something hot, like plastic or rubber; sort of an oily, rubbery/plastic smell. Hard to describe. When you smell it, it makes you think the drive belt is slipping and getting hot, giving off the smell. I've inspected the belt, looks very good, no indications of slipping, plus IIRC a slipping belt will squeal, and there's no squealing.

Now, having described the symptoms, here is my theory.
Had the fuel tank replaced a few weeks ago, which required dropping the exhaust.
Ever since I have owned the car, I have noticed an air leak into the cabin around the shifter. More noticeable during cold weather due to the cold air entering near my hand.

Could the shop, when re-hanging the exhaust, got a clamp or joint not quite correct (maybe a little loose??) near the crossover, and left a small gap, and the exhaust gases are causing the noise described above as they are rushing past/over/out the slight gap? Could this same gap be allowing exhaust gases to be pulled into the cabin via the air leak near the console which is what I'm smelling; exhaust at WOT?


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