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:pray: We've talked about it several times, but we've never pulled it off. Let's Get every one possible to the Richmond Dragway on November 4th, 2007. There is plenty of room in the field to park as a group and grill some hot dogs. Those that want to run'em down the strip and get a time slip can do that. The points season for street class is over October 28th, so there won't be a huge crowd of racers.

Last time I was there you don't need a helmet unless your car runs under 14 seconds. If you don't know what your time will be you'll get at least one run. In November the weather is cool, the cars run great. Richmond is well prepped and traction is pretty good.

I know the regular schedule @ indicates that the November Schedule is "TBA" but I've got the word that they will be open weather permitting.

Lets Make This Happen!!!!!

I'm sending a personal invitation to the following members.

Sting Ya
And all the rest of you SE Maryland Guys that were at Ralph's Dodge a couple weeks ago!!!!!!!

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Just a quick update:

1955 Portugee Rd

Sandston, VA 23150

(804) 737-1193

Check out the site!!
I'm glad there is a lot of interest. MikeCav did a great job of giving you the web link!

Time Trials start at noon. I'll get there at 10am and stake out a good area. '

Immo asked the cost. I paid $15.00 whole dollars to get in and race. I think they charge $12.00 for spectators. I guess that means it's just $3.00 to make the runs.

Don't be worried if you've never done it before. That doesn't matter. You just go up to the line, wait for the light to turn green and hold the pedel to the floor unitl you pass the second set of orange cones. Richmond Dragway is very friendly. They're glad you're there to use the facility. The shut down area is really, really long. They have an FM transmitter so you can hear the race announcer over your car radio. It's really, really cool. Just show up!!!!!

If you don't want to race, don't, I don't think anyone in this group would give you a hard time.

Ric, It's a long ride for a couple of hours of hanging out and meeting a couple of the members. We understand if you can't make it. If you wanted to make a nice weekend trip out of it, let me know I can recommend some great sites to take in on Saturday and Monday. The beautiful fall leaves will still be around in this area during the first weekend of October.

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A Charger friend of mine is leaving Bass Pro Shop in Hampton at 9:20ish tomorrow morning... from there we all meet up at Williamsburg Dodge and leave at 10:15ish

Bass Pro Shop

1972 Power Plant Parkway
Hampton, VA 23666

Williamsburg Dodge

7101 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA23188

PM me for phone numbers if you need directions

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Sorry I missed it guys... I have been under the weather, but doing much better now...
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