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Details for the big caravan here:

NOTE: Unless you already have arrangements to get into the Show (SEMA), there's no guarantee you'll get in because of the caravan.

Basically this will be a 100 (projected) car caravan from Barstow to Las Vegas, with a big Meet & Greet in the Convention Center parking lot.


I'm planning on leaving for Barstow at or by 5 pm on Friday night, which means a late check in. The upside is we're not leaving Barstow until 9 am, so you'll be able to get some sleep.

If you're interested in joining me, respond here and on the main thread. I'd like to have some folks to caravan with, but understand if schedulling does not permit.

The route

If you'd rather drive down either that morning (like last year's midnight run) or earlier on Friday or Thursday, go ahead and sign up on the main thread and I'll see you in Barstow.

NorCal Caravan (Friday Night):

05norcalsxt (tentative)
rsmeanie (tentative)
MattRobertson (tentative)

Fresno / Visalia / Bakersfield Caravan (Early Saturday Morning):

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