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2018 Dodge Charger GT
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When I was 12 I seen a beautiful 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport.. it was blue with white stripes and then all the sudden I was a Mopar guy arguing with all my friends who are mainly Ford guys. Skip ahead to 2005 and the charger comes back and I've wanted one since. Bought a 2018 Charger GT AWD in February because of the time I couldn't afford the scatpack and didn't want just the RT. And I would have to say the charger GT is very underrated cuz it was fun. I put a cold air intake on it but the rest was mainly DIY exterior accessories and tint.

Well 2 weeks ago I just went ahead and made the leap and bought a 2019 Charger Daytona SRT 392 Scat Pack and this beast is amazing. Lets just say my neighbors have noticed as well especially because it gets started at 4am every morning. The originally owners took care of it and put a lot of extras/options on it when they bought it so it's loaded. So to the point I'm not really a Gearhead as you would say.. I am more of a driver and not saying I'm great or a professional but just love driving. So my question is what would you guys recommend or suggest that I can mod the scatpack with and what order would be best to do it in? Obviously I would love recommendations about performance mods and I'll take any exterior or interior recommendations as well. I bought brand new tires already and It does have the 6 piston Brembos and I'm going to change the pads cuz the dust is ridiculous. I'm thinking of going with the power stop z26 pads and wondering if they are good pads or if you suggest better ones?

Any answers would be great and if you have ANY other suggestions or tips other than what I'm asking would be greatly appreciated as well. As I said I'm not a Gearhead but I'm going to try to learn so everything is helpful.

Really excited Scat Pack owner
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