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My Sirius has worked great for the last 2 years with the Factory head unit. Now all channels display "No Signal". Even on the demo 184 channel. Called Sirius and they said there is nothing wrong with my account.

So I am thinking that since I don't have anything on even the demo channel that something is wrong with the antenna or even head unit. CD, Radio, and NAV all still work great. I took the headliner down and the antenna is still bolted fine and cable looks connected. I also see that it runs down the rear head panel to the trunk.

From there I took off the Kicker Sub and there is a black box sitting behind it. That black cable on the left looks to be the same cable and it plugged in snug there too.

I am out of warrantly so I am sure this would cost a fortune to fix at the dealer, but other ideas I can try?

Did you have them attempt to reprogram your unit?
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