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I’ve been digging and digging trying to find some answers for this, and no one has the same problem as me.

So essentially, my girlfriends sunroof won’t open with the switch. So I grabbed the scan tool we have at work, and I got the sunroof to operate fully at every “step”, including closing and making it vent.

So I pull the overhead console down and hook up a test light and test the pin that’s supposed to power the switch, and nothing. I checked all the other ones as well, and no power. (the wiring diagram says the orange and light green wire is the power, and there wasn’t any). And I know I had a good ground because I could touch the pins on the map lights and the test light would light up.

According to that wiring diagram, there is a J-Case fuse #44 that powers the sunroof entirely, and it’s not blown. However, she also has codes for the CAN -B BUS module; General Failure, U0019, in 5 other modules, including the sunroof module.

So since I know the motor works and the scan tool can communicate with the motor and the module, I can rule out that much. But what stumps me is the fact that I can’t get power to the sunroof switch, and I don’t know what to look for next.
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