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No bueno!!! I think it's blown.

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Car sounds started with a tick and now sounds like internals are messed up....hate my life.
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Just an intake ,tune and exhaust...full on oil.....started off as a I reflashed the stock tune. Still there. Let it warm up, went away a I drove it home....didn't here it on the freeway. Got home and it sounds terrible, sounds like I threw a rod....I babies it all the way home....didn't even pass 2.5k rpms..or 65mph...I was a 1/2 a mile away from my house and had it towed the rest of the way..
It has about 45k miles....drove perfectly fine on the way home...just till I got off the freeway and bam...I hope my extended warranty covers it.
Well, here is the verdict. It spun a couple of crank bearings. I don't understand how it happened. I'll report more when the dealership let's me know.
Still under warranty and it's a 2012. 45k miles. Now the dealer took there sweet time to diagnose the issue and I thought they were gonna take care of my rental....guess not..
After dropping off the car at the dealership
After dropping the car off at the dealership, and spending $600 on a rental thinking Dodge was gonna take care of it, they called me yesterday and told me that they are gonna cover the repairs. I said great. So I asked if maybe now I can get a rental since it's really putting a burden on my family with one car. Well yet again, Dodge disappointed me. They told me that until they receive all the parts and the mechanic actually starts working on it, then I can get a rental. I don't understand why Dodge treats there customers this way. I bought one of their top of the line vehicles and to be pushed aside makes me just wanna trade in my vehicle and not have to put up with Dodge anymore. It took them 2 weeks just to take it apart and send the pics to Dodge. And yet the service advisors doesn't even call me ro update me, I had to call every single time. None the less, this has been a frustrating experience and worst part, it's not over yet.
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They haven't told me anything, they service advisor told me the only call I should concerned about is the one where he calls to tell me to pick up my car
Well just got an update, still waiting on parts. I asked for a rental and they said, they can not do anything for me until the mechanic actually has all the parts and starts working on it. Then they will consider a rental. This is not only from the dealer but also from my case worker at Not happy at all. Will be trading in my vehicle and not dealing with Dodge again. Seeing as they don't care about there customers, I can imagine the quality of work from the dealer. I'll probably be back in a few months with the same issue.
I do have rental coverage but the said since it wasn't anything to do with the insurance, they can't help. And for the mods, an intake , canned tune, and exhaust with not through out bearings. They have to cover my car unless they can prove it was something I did to mess it up. And I know the can download the data and see what was going on. I'm not worried. I wasn't doing anything extreme to the engine for it to fail like it did. 45k miles is low for this type of failure.
Well I went to the dealer the other day. They gave me my rental and they are putting a whole new engine in it. So the situation kinda turned itself around. Still suck that it has been in there over a month and I barely just got a rental. But I am getting a new engine....
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