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No bueno!!! I think it's blown.

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Car sounds started with a tick and now sounds like internals are messed up....hate my life.
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More details? How did this happen? Stock? Oil Level?
Still under warranty and it's a 2012. 45k miles. Now the dealer took there sweet time to diagnose the issue and I thought they were gonna take care of my rental....guess not..
I think Dodge corp will. I believe my warranty package includes rental. Might only be Max Care though.
Call Dodge, they want you treated better than this. They will cover your rental and take care of you. This is a dealer problem.

Message dodgecares on this forum if you cannot get help by phone.
Blew a motor a few years ago and it took 2 months.

We rebuilt it but swapping motors takes time!
That's what I'm saying, then he's talking about trading the vehicle and not getting another Dodge because they aren't taking care of him. He'll be in for a rude awakening when he mods his next car,has problems because of mods, and the dealer denies his warranty because of it. IMO they've more than taken care of it by replacing a 7k+ engine on their dime.
I agree. Some people are just...
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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