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Nivomat Load Leveling Rear Suspension Sachs Selection Tool Dodge Charger

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I finally found the correct application tool to find what shock you need for Nivomat load leveling rear shock absorber replacement.

I felt a thread of its own was appropriate. No specific question is being asked. Feel free to add keywords so others may find this thread.

It was a nightmare finding this I finally contacted Sachs who sent me the link.

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Sachs is telling me that the R/T Daytona uses the same rear Nivomat shocks as the SRT8 model. They used the part number on my shocks (I sent a picture) to translate the part number to the Nivomat shock.

The original has Chrysler part number 4895675AB/AC on it, which interchanges to 444 229. Which is the SRT8 Nivomat.

So if I use 444 224 (which I already bought and is actually for the R/T NON Daytona) will that change my ride height? Will it increase the ride height?

I wonder if the front shocks from the Daytona are also the same as the SRT8. I will have to check part numbers.
Unless the shock is significantly shorter, to the point it's fully extended, it shouldn't alter ride height.

Generally speaking, springs determine ride height, not the shocks.
Is that true with Nivomats? I would love to know what the difference is between the SRT8 and R/T version of the rear Nivomat shocks. I believe the ride heights are different between the two sub-models.
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