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Newbie with 2014 SRT8

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Hi all.

I'm Matt. A British guy presently living in Dubai/UAE.

Just wanted to share my new purchase! Living in Dubai, fuel is extremely cheap and I thought this would be the best opportunity I will have to own something with such capacity.

It serves as our family, but also does a great job of entertaining that's for sure.

Couple of questions I have about the car if I may

Transmission - Is it ok to perform full throttle up shifts? I don't make a habit of it but obviously having fun is all part of this car!
I feel like the transmission is a little dimwitted. I know the 5spd box is a little old school now, but expected it to be a little more refined than it is.

Bogging down - Could be the gearbox, or something else but sometimes when looking to overtake if I plant the throttle (generally from higher speeds) the car bogs down as if the TC has kicked in, or there's a huge flat spot. After a second it regains consciousness and carries on (btw car has done just under 2000km).

Launch Control - Looked this up and seen similar issues. I am well aware of the procedure, but upon doing so the rear wheels just start spinning and launch control shows aborted. Not once managed to get it to work!

Anyway, onto some pics!

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For launch control, u have to brake and then stomp on the gas, make sure the ground is somewhat level. I made this mistake a few times and it would abort. It is not useless, it helped me run 12.5's all day at the track, stock!!!
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