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Hello ChargerForums,

We are happy to announce our latest product which is the Xenon-Vision LED Headlight Conversion Kit.

I am thinking of doing a pre-order group buy. Please post if interested!


The color will be 6500K which is a pure white, not blue like a 6000K HID
Beam pattern and cutoff will be same as the halogen
The placement of the LED chip matches the position of the tungsten filament on the halogen bulb so it can reproduce the same beam pattern
The LED Headlight will have a Philips Maglev fan, which has no resistance vs standard ball-bearing fan, allowing it to move more air volume and also produce no noises
The LED Headlight does have a LED driver with waterproof connection, but the LED bulb base is not waterproof due to the exposed fan
100% plug and play
2 Year Warranty

Xenon-Vision Single Beam LED Kit - MSRP $99.99 with 20% OFF = 79.99 Free 2-3 Day Shipping
Xenon-Vision Dual Beam LED Kit - MSRP $119.99 with 20% OFF = 95.99 Free 2-3 Day Shipping
**Prices may vary depending if your specific vehicle requires battery harness or canceller cable**
Please use Coupon Code "chargerforums" at checkout to receive 20% OFF!
You can order products directly from our website and apply the coupon code to receive exclusive member discount. If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us via phone , email or PM.
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