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Hey everybody,

Am going to be getting my VFN Six Pack in a couple of weeks. Have looked at a couple of places for getting it painted. Some places like Abra have estimated $900, and others like Maaco have estimated $375. With such varying prices, how can a guy know where to go? On top of this, I have a few questions,

1) Upon heating, will the hood, like many fiberglass products, get little pin holes in it?

2) Should the original paint be sanded, or is the primer good?

3) With a color like Magnesium Pearlcoat on my car change the rate?

4) Will a Magnesium Pearlcoat look alright with a black hood? (I ask this because then I could save money because no blending into the bumper / fenders would be needed).

5) Lastly, has anybody had any warping of the hood after having it on for a while?

Thanks guys and hope to hear from you soon.
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