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2014 Dodge Charger SXT plus
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Hey all. New to this forum. Got rid of a Mercedes Benz and got me a 2014 SXT plus. Very good decision. (Will never get another Benz).
This is actually my second Charger. My first was a 2007 hemi. Traded it for a 2011 ram hemi. Then a 2016 wrangler. Now after a few years away from dodges, came back with my SXT plus. So am a bit of a Mopar fan as these cars are so easy to work on and maintain. Lesson learned from Mercedes, you have to reprogram it for everything you do and only the dealer has the hardware specific to properly diagnose. Expensive and painful. What a nightmare. So never again. Looking forward to picking the brains of the pros as I am very mechanically inclined and always looking to maintain and upgrade. I also hope to contribute as much as possible and help any way I can.
Thanks for having me.
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