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New Product: Stack Performance "Chubby" and Chubby Pro" Sway Bar Systems

Enhance the cornering performance of your vehicle with the Stack Performance “Chubby” and "Chubby Pro" sway bars. Our sway bar package increases front/rear roll stiffness giving the car crisp, quick turn-in response and balanced handling. As delivered most LX and LY platform cars has excessive under steer and limited roll control. “Chubby” and "Chubby Pro" sway bars give the driver the ability to rotate the car on corner entry and steer with the throttle when necessary. The dreaded under steer is eliminated and the handling becomes comfortably neutral with added traction during cornering.


- Lightweight strong hollow sway bars are 1.5 (38mm) (100% stiffer than stock) in Front and 3/4” (19mm) (150% stiffer than stock) in the rear.

- Sport sway bars are complete with polyurethane bushings, special OEM style brackets and installation hardware finished in durable Gray powder coat.

- 3-way adjustability for both front and rear bars. (Chubby Pro)


- Increased Traction and Stability

- Reduced Body Roll

- Balance sport handling

- Crisper and quicker turn-in

- Easy Installation

- 3-way adjustability to have complete control (Chubby Pro)

Here are some comparison and installed pictures of the "Chubby" and "Chubby Pro" sway bar sets:

Stack Performance "Chubby" Sway Bars vs. Stock Front:

Stack Performance "Chubby Pro" Sway Bars vs. Stock Rear:

Chubby Installed:



Chubby Pro Installed:


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