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Multicolor LED Boards for 2019+ Dodge Charger | Diode Dynamics

We're excited to announce our new Multicolor LED Boards for the 2019+ Dodge Charger headlights! Some forum members might be aware that we already offer Multicolor LED Boards for the 2015-2018 Dodge Charger headlights. While the headlight design looks the same, the 2019+ Dodge Charger uses only one DRL LED board per headlamp, instead of three like the 2015-2018 Charger. To accommodate this, our engineering team increased the brightness on our 2019 kit to achieve the vivid color output Charger owners expect from our 2015-2018 kit.

YouTube Overview | Multicolor LED Boards for 2019+ Dodge Charger

Our Multicolor LED Boards enable THOUSANDS of custom color options at the push of a button, while retaining a pure, bright white DRL for street use! If you install our optional Bluetooth RGBW Controller, you’ll be able to endlessly customize your 2019+ Dodge Charger with different colors, patterns, and sequences right from your phone!

Just like our kit for the 2015-2018 Dodge Charger, our Multicolor LED Boards for the 2019+ model are fully RGBW. This means that each LED board has a dedicated white LED chip to give you a pure, bright white running light for street use!

  • Compatible with 2019+ Dodge Charger (one circuit board per headlamp)
  • Adds RGBW color-shifting functionality to DRLs
  • Two high-power LEDs in place of each original white chip
  • Smartphone control with optional Bluetooth Controller
  • Constant-current, high-power driver modules
  • CAD-designed for perfect fitment
  • Engineered and manufactured in USA

Diode Dynamics Multicolor LED Boards for the 2019+ Dodge Charger are proudly designed, tested, and manufactured at our St. Louis headquarters. And as with all our other LED upgrades for the 2019+ Dodge Charger, are backed by our 3-year worry-free warranty!

Want to check out all the other LED upgrades for your 2019+ Dodge Charger? Click here!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post, PM, email [email protected]

PM us for the free-shipping code (U.S. forum members only)

Thanks for looking!
Jake H.
Diode Dynamics
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