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Thats right... As we welcome all the new members to the forum, we encourage you to check out all the Modifications that are available for your great vehicle. By doing so we will provide you with a 5% coupon off your very first purchase with us! Too good to be true? Nah.. Go to http://www.ProMotionTuning.Com and setup an acct and the Discount Code will be emailed to you instantly. Enjoy the 5% off on all the great products we offer for the Dodge Charger, including Wheels, Tires, Interior Upgrades, Performance and Suspension! Offer also applies instore if for all services performed on your vehicle such as Installs or Dyno Tuning!

Note: If you have not yet registered with our site, you can still register for the discount! We wont hold it against you that you have 2000 posts on here and not registered on our site. We welcome you to see all that we have to offer even the Veteran Members!

Direct Link to Register: Create New Account

Welcome to the Forums and we Look forward to helping you with your modifications and building the car of your dreams...

Warmest Regards,
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