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Okay, so I just recently (two days ago) bought an 07 Charger (lease). I am not into huge wheels, not into speed (unless on a sportbike). However, I want my car to look a little more agressive. Anyway, I bought the 2.7L, being that I just like the look and wanted some nice gas mileage. I was considering lowering it about 1" and throwing on a set of 20x8.5's and 255/45's all the way around. Here is a pic, and another one with my addiction (02 GSXR750 track bike).
Please, if you are rolling a 2.7L, with 20's (no bigger) and a minamal drop (no more than 2"), post a pic. I would like to see what the end result would be when I go big and drop mine.
Thanks, Mo

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