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Have a 426 Stroker? Then we're guessing that you're having a hard time tuning it. How do we know? Because we went through all of the same trials and tribulations with our own 426 Strokers. We refuse to use fuel pressure regulators or piggy-back fuel controllers and we ruled out any possibilities of succesfully using the larger SRT-4 injectors which come out to be 58lb injectors when they are run on the HEMI's 60lb fuel system. So what did we do? The only thing we could. We made our own. AND THEY RUN BEAUTIFULLY! Our HHP 426 with the largest cam on the market runs these injector's and they are so perfectly sized that we can even run our 426 on the stock PCM tune without any problems.

These injectors are a direct fit injector that is custom made for the SRT-8, does not require spacers (like the Ford injectors), inserts deep enough through the manifold (the problem facing most) and has the correct conical spray pattern needed for these engines (most injectors do not). On the SRT-8's 60lb fuel rails, these injectors are the only inject that comes out at 42lbs. It's also the only injector anywhere near 42lbs. The answer is finally here.

We recommend combining these injectors with Diablosport Predator programming to dial in your motor. Contact us for the perfect baseline tune which will allow you to dial your engine in with high accuracy. Our 426 runs at it's worse 11.8's right out of the box with these injectors, a custom Diablosport tune and our custom 426 cam. Partial throttle's are excellent and driveability is perfect. We even average over 23 mpg at highway speeds.

Supercharged Applications: Some SRT-8 supercharger applications call for injectors of this size. These injectors will work perfect in these applications, too.

To purchase, give us a call or CLICK HERE to go to our webstore.

Joshua, HHP
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