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Need tune asap

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I payed for my unlimited tune from inertia but as everyone knows Stu always busy, is it anyone that can help me out with tuning or at least read my logs to see if my last tune is safe

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What makes you think the tune you have isn't safe?

What mods do you have?
It's time for you to start speaking in complete sentences and provide a full explanation of what has been going on if you expect help.

You have lived the history...but no else but you knows it unless you explain fully.

It's like you are wearing headphones and singing. You are the only one that can hear the music.

All we hear is just noise.
I have a 400ci stroker from inertia, along with cam and BV heads. I have srt8 injectors added on.
After install he gave me a tune to start, but then it died. After that we went throught about 3 tunes to actually get it driveable.
So now I recorded logs since its driveable but now i need another tune. I had a technician read data as i drove and he said its running lean.

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Running lean based on what? KR? Who is this technician? Tuning expert?

Even if it is running lean, it's still safe since the PCM will pull timing to protect the engine and eliminate the knock. It may not be ideal, but it's still 'safe'.

Sounds like you need to get back with Inertia to get it tuned optimally.

You paid for it, so get it done.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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