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Need Transmission Help

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I own a 2007 superbee. Before I put my car away for this past winter, I got a new transmission. It wasn't slipping but just running rough. Didn't really drive it all that much after. After starting it yesterday for the first time this year, I stepped on the gas to pass someone and all it did was revv and didn't go anywhere. I had to pull over but the car simply wouldn't go in gear. It felt like it was in neutral. after restarting the car, it worked fine, but also slipped and revved but kept driving.

I took it to the tranny place today, and the guy is saying nothing is wrong with the tranny but some sort of electrical problem. My question to you guys is, Will I need to reinstal my predator dynod tune? The guy told me the performance tune shouldnt be affected at all. The tranny has nothing to do with the tune. I also through a code because of it. Has anyone else ever had a problem like this? The tranny never slipped before the new one was put in.
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The transmission you got was a newly rebuilt/re-manufactured trans? First thing I would check is the fluid level to ensure it's not low.
What was the code that was thrown when this happened? Was it an "incorrect gear ratio" error?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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