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Mkay, so I had a Daytona exhaust put on my SXT this past weekend. Problem was, I'm a dipstick and didn't get the hangers and heat shield first. There's a piece temporarily welded in place for a hanger, but I'll get those taken care of soon.

I'm more concerned about the heat shield. I meant to stop by the dealer on the way home today, but I locked my keys in my car this afternoon :knockout: so that was all sorts of not happening. Will do it tomorrow. My question is, ho's the darn thing attach? I see what looks like a plastic grommet like one that's holding it on on the other side, but that side also has two more of these fasteners that the driver side just doesn't have. How do I hold this thing on? If I remove that fastener on the driver side when I go to mount the heat shield, am I going to be treated to a flood of gas?

Also, about how much should I expect to shell out for the two rearmost driver side hangers (with bolts and rubber) and the heatshield, all in?

Thanks in advance for the input.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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