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Need some advice (mods and warranty)

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I have a new 2014 charger r/t and i'm thinking about changing the intake to a mopar intake and changing the exhaust and what not. So i'm helping my parents pay for the car now that I have a steady job and I told my dad of my plan and I guess when we were at the dealer they scared them in saying that the car has a whole bunch of mini computer's controlling everything and if one glitches up then whole car is bricked and has to be towed to the dealer so they can fix it and the also another thing I saw but i'm not sure if I saw it correctly was if something is modified and the car breaks down and the mechanics look and see if the modified part was the cause then they wont cover the car?

The car has about 750 miles on it so its fairly new. So what should I do?
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Thanks for the advice! I'll be looking into it more.

And also if the car would break down for what ever reason, wouldn't it be easier to just replace what ever part i changed back to the original factory part before taking it back to the dealer and just be like nothing was changed? They wouldn't know?
Depends, are you going to have the car towed home to replace parts and then towed to the dealership?

Exhausts are expensive
Intakes look kewl but don't generally offer any performance benefit, some reduce HP.

What model charger do you have?
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