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My 2008 sxt needs some new parts and the dealership here in Saudi Arabia is charging alot of money for mostly MOPAR parts.

So I need you experienced guys' help in buying parts from the states and shipping them over here (which will cost me around 30 percent less than buying the parts here).

I intend to change Headlights (xenon or hallogene) , shockabsorbers, fog lights and the muffler. I already found a good site and all, but the problem is there are so many brands and models to choose from I kinda got confused.

So what I need are the names of good brands or even specific models from specific brands that you might have used or know to be of good quality so I can be sure that am putting some decent parts in my car. Any advice of any kind will also be much appreciated.


P.S. I hope am in the right section.:D
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