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Hello Gentlemen:

I'm new to the Forum. I have a 2007 silver RT charger with a Volant intake and the 140125 Borla exhaust. The exhaust was just installed and it is a bit too loud for me. (the wife hates it!)

Has anyone had success with the venturies that Borla offers to send for free? I will need to pay my performance shop in install them at $80.00 per hour. They estimate four hours to install 4 of them?

I would hate to install them and find out they do not work!

Also, I am having rattling, clunking, and a drone...not good.

I did read on this forum that the rattling is caused by the exhaust sitting to close to the crossmember so I will have the shop adjust that..

Can anyone give me advice on the venturies? Another suggestion Borla gave was to cut the tips off the 140125 and replace them with ones similar to the 140112 kit. This would cost $350 for the parts and probably $160.00 in labor.

Any thoughts?


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