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MYGIG in HAwaii?

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Anyone have the MyGig In hawaii? I just bought the MyGig (with Nav) aftermarket and installed it in my "Car" (The one which shall not me named). The problem I am having is that I cant get it to figure out where it is!? I have heard that peeps with their MyGig from the mainland that move to Hawaii, their Navigation works just fine. I was wondering if there is a special trick they have to do?
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I have the factory navigation in my car and it works fine. I don't remember having to adjust any settings or anything when I picked it up and I doubt the guys in Washington adjusted it prior to putting it on the boat.

Hit NAV and then hit MENU and see if there are any settings that might have to be punched in. There might be something under SETTINGS in the main menu as well. Just a thought.
Hmmm...I wonder if they updated it with the release of the MyGig system. I had the stock navi in my Daytona when I moved over here and Hawaii wasn't on the map list. Yours is stock you say (Five_0h)?
Yep, stock. Worked great when I picked it up at Matson.
Hopefully they fixed it then! I was POed when I got here and my navi didn't work.
The problem I am having is that I cant get it to figure out where it is!?
What kind of display are you getting? Is it like totally lost? Does it show you as being out in the ocean somewhere?

Make sure the antenae is hooked up properly and don't ask how I know this. :slap:
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