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My wifes DAYTONA killer!

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My wifes DAYTONA killer! *MORE PICS ADDED*

Me vs. this, it will be a great run! (On her STOCK GTECH setting at 9 PSI! :wink:

We JUST got back from her front mount I/C being installed!

My stock Daytona vs. her at 20 PSI = :wave: :tongue:
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hmm.... I'll race you for pink slips... you WRX vs my Avalanche....
the road... Senator Highway
Isnt that dirt? Remember..........................ITS A RALLY CAR! :lol:
it may be a rally car.... but it sufferes from something my lifted AV doesn't..... lack of ground clearance... :wink:
or maybe a run out past the coke ovens by florance....

ummm nevermind..... my AV doesn't have enough ground clearance for that
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1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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