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My Dealer Called...

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The sales manager from my dealer called yesterday. He said the factory is no longer offering the Protection Pack on the Charger. He will be putting in a change of order today on the cars he is waiting on for the Protection Pack. Provided the factory does not strike, he hopes Dodge will build the Pro Pack order changes ahead of other pending orders due to the delays. I think he's being very optimistic, he said we might get a VIN within a week and production could be by the end of September.....

BIG QUESTION... Can my racing heart take the pressure.. I'm excited...

Car ordered:
Black R/T with R/T, sunroof, info center, Boston Acustics system w/sub and CYRIS, dealer installed rear spoiler and front air dam
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Re: Protection Group and it not being available

gweempose said:
Dude, I'm in the same boat as you. I can't believe how badly DC messed up on this one. For starters, why aren't side airbags standard on ALL Chargers? Come on, even Hyundais have them as standard equipment!

This whole fiasco has really soured me on DC. I still love the Charger, but I don't think I can buy one anymore simply on principle. And the thing that really pisses me off is that now I'm going to be forced to spend a lot more money because there isn't another car on the road that offers a similar combination of size, comfort, and performance for close to the Charger's price. :mad: :mad: :mad:
I Agree, I love the Mopar product, I own 3 now and have had many in the past, but I will be the first to agree that Mopar makes the dumbest mistakes, probably has the worst customer service, and in many cases they are way behind the times. But Damn, they make some cool looking automobiles!
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