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My Dealer Called...

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The sales manager from my dealer called yesterday. He said the factory is no longer offering the Protection Pack on the Charger. He will be putting in a change of order today on the cars he is waiting on for the Protection Pack. Provided the factory does not strike, he hopes Dodge will build the Pro Pack order changes ahead of other pending orders due to the delays. I think he's being very optimistic, he said we might get a VIN within a week and production could be by the end of September.....

BIG QUESTION... Can my racing heart take the pressure.. I'm excited...

Car ordered:
Black R/T with R/T, sunroof, info center, Boston Acustics system w/sub and CYRIS, dealer installed rear spoiler and front air dam
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Protection Group and it not being available

I'm going to be going from a truck to the charger so I was really wanting the protection package. My dealer has not mentioned anything about it not being available. I did call Chrysler cust service and the protection package is TBD (not in production at this time).
Now I'm thinking I might ask for my downpayment and pull out of the charger race.

P.S. The dealer did mentioned he got a road & track in so I came in to check it out. Wow the seats are awsome and I like the rims with the black out.

I did a test drive the dealer let me test drive by myself. I took it for a nice ride it was really sweet and confortable. Only thing like I said coming from a truck I did miss the height and being able to see around outher autos. The charger is sweet though.
I'm really considering getting the charger with out the protection group.

I love the car. I would hate to cancell the protection group from my order then it be available the following month.

The new Jeep Comander wow the base modle looks bad lets hope the limited looks better as the base modle sucked.

I'm a dye hard Damiler product guy so I won't cry too hard. :sad:
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