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My 2014 R/T gas mileage at 55mph

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Net elevation change of +336ft. I traveled from Kingston, NY to Castleton on Hudson, NY with cruise control set at 55mph. I filled up at the gas station in Kingston, and reset my average fuel economy gauge when I left the gas station. There's about a minute of local traffic before getting to the highway, and about 5 minutes of local driving before I get back to my house.

I hit 35.0mpg before I exited the highway.

Regarding the accuracy of the fuel economy reading. I'd say there's a 1.0mpg maximum margin of error. It's usually within a 0.5mpg proximity.


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Try driving over the continental divide with a 4,000 ft rise followed by a 6,500 ft drop...all that up n down really screwed with my EVIC!!! (about 5 mpg off).

On level ground it's usually within .5 to 1.0, which is close enough to get a good idea of how your doing on fuel mileage.
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