Mileage:133000 M
Been a long while since I visited the forums & the time has come.
I bought it brand new with the expectation that I would never sell it.
I have done a ton of mods over the years, some more than once.
Engine was replaced w/ factory short block at 80K miles, currently just under 130K.
Water pump was replaced then too.

Upgraded front suspension (Suspension Dudes), recent radiator replacement (dealer), fresh brakes (new front rotors), new tires.
Parts of the rear suspension were recently changed too, but they are not upgraded parts, just factory replacements.
KYB shocks with about 40K miles on them.
New plugs.
Just replaced the power steering pump. Recent alternator swap.

Serviced the trans and rear diff.
Completed the airbag recalls (both fronts, but the side airbags were not listed, so they are still original).

Trying to see what the market might bear for this.
Car has the typical door dings and such, but nothing significant. No serious issues, accidents, or repaints, etc.

I forgot to include that I recently had the dealer replace the left catalytic converter and O2 sensors. That was a $1600 repair that I wasn't too happy about.
Replaced the headlights, and fog lights too.

I'm guessing the market is probably down a bit with gas prices so high, but this is a desirable model, especially with under 50K miles on the current engine.
Here's a few pics... I'll add more in a bit.

I figure it's worth $9K, so I'll list it at $10K OBO

I can post more pics if interested.