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Hello,thought I would register and notify other owners of this particular model problems. This was was the only year built with a lifetime powertrain warranty I believe. Here are the list if items so far I have remedied.
1. Trunk release wires somehow tore,hence trunk release was not working.
Crimped the wires togther,no problems since.
2. Starter Relay. Car would display lights and what not,but crank. Relay was 18 dollars. I forgot which location the relay was in,it's been sometime.
3. Window regulator/motor passenger side. The wires to the regulator were ok,but decided to replace the whole assembly,since replacing only the motor is tedious and requires experience more than replacing the whole piece.
4.Ignition switch module,this time,no lights or anything electronic(that required ignition) would work due to ignition not activating what so ever. Dodge replaced under a recall,which included two new key fobs as well. The module replacement without taking to a dealer is extensively tiresome as the new module needs reprogramming and the module is a dealer only item(as far I could search) anyway.
5.Battery.Lasted 7 years and 180,000 miles.
5.Alternator. Replacing as of right now. A supercharger similar whine began a week before it stalled on her. I checked it some,and can tell it was coming from the pulley area. Sure enough,it died following week .
Car was jumped and started back up she informed me,so that canceled out any fuses,relays,or starter. Battery was tested,came out good.Voltage regulation is controlled internally,so alternator.
Belt does not need to come off fully,just release from tensioner using connector on ratchet and take off the part that wraps around the alternator. Wd-40 is your best friend,both for bolts and connector release.
I should of,let the wd-40 sit for a day or two before beginning,but i didn't.
So when something happens to your charger,google. Thanks Dodge!
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