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Just as an FYI regarding the "clicking" sound you can hear when the actuators are going out. I got the clicking sound mainly after shutoff. It eventually stopped but then I noticed the car climate system was only using cabin air. Not good on long road trips with teenage kids! Not really knowing what I was doing but seeing on the many videos that there are two on each side, I got two actuators to replace both while I was tearing into my dash. Turns out getting to the devices isn't so bad. Basically a panel tool, a screw driver and T20 torx will do. However, it turned out my problem was not the blend door, but the cabin recirculation/fresh air actuator. That actuator is near/on the fan housing and is a lot tighter and difficult to remove. . I removed the heat-block temp sensor that is against the wall to get some knuckle room. Replacement of that went fine otherwise and fixed the issue.

As for calibration of the blend door, I had some issue with it-of course because that wasn't broken in the first place! I found a simple solution that seems to have done the trick. With the blend door actuator plugged in but not mounted, I ran the car until warm and set the passenger door to full/HI heat. This turned the actuator to its limit. I then manually set the blend door lever to the full heat/open position and I installed the actuator into position and set the torx screws. Seems to be working fine now. I have fresh air now so it is OK to pick up a burrito at the drive through, and a functioning blender on the passenger side. Not looking forward doing it on the driver side but so far no issue there.

On a side note-the recirculation/fresh actuator did chew up its gears. I think the door is spring-loaded to be in the default closed position. I popped it open and it wasn't completely gone, but the there were plastic shards and worn gears inside. The gears probably wore down and started skipping and that was the source of the clicking sound. It might have stopped when they finally chewed themselves up. The replacement NAPA parts I got seemed a lot beefier than the OEM parts. I guess this go out a lot-I was told at the counter that every NAPA shop keeps at lest one in stock. Common part that commonly fails.

Hope this helps.
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