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Mopars on the Mountain. Saturday August 8, 2015!

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Mark your calendars, PDX MoparLX will be hosting the 2015 Edition of Mopars on the Mountain. Lets see if we can beat the 74 car total from 2014.

This is the annual cruise of Mopars up Mt St Helens. Open to all Modern and Classic Mopars. Hosted this year by PDX MoparLX.
- 10:00am: Meet at the overflow parking lot for the Shell Gas station just off Exit 49 of I-5 (near Castlerock, WA)
- 10:30am: Roll out as a convoy for the fantastic drive through the twists and turns up Hwy 504 nonstop to the top.
- 11:30am: (ish) Arrive at Johnston Ridge. Stay as long as you wish here then drive solo or in groups back down to a "to be determined location" for the official lunch spot.
- 12:30/1pm: LUNCH will be AT the parking lot. Bring a lunch, pack a cooler with cold sodas and water, and bring a chair!
** Beware speeding, ya never know where Police/Hwy Patrol/Park Patrols will be lurking.
** Last year, there was a lot of bicyclists on... the road so be careful
** Walkie Talkies are set to Channel 3.33 (Actual Frequency is 462.61250 / Sub Audio C-210.7). Cell phone reception is poor/non existent up top.
** While at the top, parking is free, entrance to the Visitor Center is $8 per adult. Fantastic views of Mt St Helens here.
** Bring water and food; there is food available at the Visitors Centers but it's not for everyone. Some folks buy their munchies at the Shell station/Quickie Mart prior to rolling out.
** If you want to try some hiking, bring appropriate attire and let someone know where you're going

More details of this event can be found at in the Northwest regional forum. Convoys from the north/south are typically coordinated here.
Spread the word and invite those I missed

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Here's the Dash Plaque, which is sponsored by Mobile West Car Audio of Portland. We have 145 cars signed up on our Facebook page so far!

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166 people signed up so far..........people as far as CA and a Red Hellcat Charger from BC will be there! Don't miss it.
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