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SLC MOPAR OR NO CAR Cruise-In event!
Mopar fanatics and enthusiast! Calling all Mopars out to Mopar Meet and Greet with a few food vendor trucks. We want to have all the Utah Mopar clubs in attendance including SLCLX Mopars Of Utah Utah's SRT/RT Utah Magnums (Dodge Magnum) Challengers unlimited,Utah Utah Modern Mopars, Utah Srt-4 Owners & Utah MOB ! Please feel free to invite any other Chrysler oriented clubs and also any of your friends and or family members that enjoy Mopar as much as we all obviously do! only one stipulation you MUST ARRIVE IN A MOPAR! We checked and there aren't any major car shows or race events schedule this weekend. The date is set for May 30th (Saturday) and time is 5pm-8pm. We are holding this event at 5516 South Redwood Road which is the old circuit city parking lot with plenty of room! We are trying to get some food trucks committed like Waffle Love but there are lots of places in the immediate area for you to get your grub on! Please come share your rides with us and meet some fantastic people! we hope to turn this into a regular reoccurring event and bring attention to the great Mopar community we have here in Utah!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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