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mopar/charger noob

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Just wanted to say an offical hello. I've been poking around here for quite a while trying to decide whether I wanted to get one of these or not. Well the wife and I picked one up today and we love it. it's a vanilla 06 SXT had to compromise on the HEMI for now, maybe in the future, don't have any pics of her yet but she's a complete stocky so I'm ready for a clean slate to start with. I've been caught up in the teenie bopper tuners for 3 years and decided to grow up.
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Congrats and welcome fron Nor Cal. You won't regret the purchase. What kind of tuner did you have in the past?
Welcome to the forums, from Las Vegas!
Welcome to the forums from Phoenix, AZ!! :wave:
I had a 2000 mitsubishi galant, two tone blue and silver with a body kit intake exhaust it was nice but we grew out of it. pkus I've always liked muscle cars
Hello and Welcome to the Forvm's!

I'm pretty happy with my SXT/AWD, I think I got a great car for the price I paid for it! Less than a month and I've made a few mods, and now I'm thinkin' about different stripes for it!

Enjoy! :D
from Northern Illinois!
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Welcome from Canada... Congrats on having the rarest color of charger ever! :D
The teeny bopper tuners weren't bad until it was a fad. Performance tech is fun to play with, but when these kids are all show and no's time to grow up hehe.

Welcome btw.
:smoke: Welcome to the mad house!
Welcome from the Motor City!.
Congratulations and welcome from Northern California! :wave:
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