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Ok, I am still kinda new to the forum, but I figured I would start a thread where we can post the mods we want to do, part numbers of the parts in those mods if applicable, and best/cheapest place to get the parts so everyone has a ready reference to search for. Hope this helps!!:D

SRT8 Hood kit:(for those who don't have this already)
1. Factory unpainted SRT8 Hood
1. Factory Silencer underhood pad
1. Air Intake Bezel
1. Air Underhood Duct
12. Silencer Retainers
2. Windshield Spray Nozzles

Mopar Super Center for $1371.37

Mopar Long tube Headers
Part #: P5153456
Mopar Super Center for $1109.66 or group buy $978.50

MopaR Cold Air Intake
5.7L part #=P4510832, $257.18
6.1L part #=77060006, $306.00
Mopar Super Center

Hotchkis Swaybar Kit
Part # 22101
Group buy $289.99

It's a start....

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