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Modern Muscle NA Cam

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Has anyone tried the Modern Muscle Performance NA Cam in their 2011-14 6.4L SRT8? if so what are the results?

I'm interested its a drop in Cam doesn't require aftermarket springs etc.
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i can't speak to the 6.4, but I've heard info on a 6.1 (cant imagine the experience would be that different though)

when I had my SC installed, the mechanic told about a 6.1 Challenger he installed a cam on. his words: (paraphrased from memory) didn't seem to boost overall HP much (confirmed with dyno), but low end torque (and more especially "take-off feel" was dramatically different. it really made the car feel like it had more power than it actually had....

note: this would also involve a custom (diablo) tune - and one thing anyone here will tell you: resetting the tranny (defaulting it's "learning" settings) can, all by itself, make the car feel like new again....not sure how much of the mechanic's "feel" was possibly due to this. when I told him about that, even he admitted he wasn't sure anymore...
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