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Milodon has a new road race oil pan for the LX/LC Hemi cars, and it is designed to provide an adequate oil supply during the rapid acceleration, hard deceleration, and violent turns common to the sport.

More Info / Order:

Rear Main Seal Style: 1-piece
Sump Style: Wet
Oil Pan Capacity: 6 quarts
Oil Pan Depth (in): 5.500 in.
Oil Pan Material: Steel
Oil Pan Finish: Gold iridited
Sump Location: Front
Baffled: Yes
Kicked Out: Yes
Kickout Position: Driver and passenger side
Stroker Clearanced: Yes
Maximum Stroke with OE Rod: 4.080 in.
Dipstick Provision: No
Windage Tray Included: No
Pickup Included: No
Crank Scraper Included: No
Gaskets Included: No
Hardware Included: No
Notes: Allows use of factory dipstick, Clears all steering. Oil pan front depth is 5.500 in.
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