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The next SSP meeting! We have a new home with some great benefits. We have significantly more parking! We are meeting at a great restaurant and we'll be having dinner there after we hang out for a while. We will have our own dedicated room for our dinner. No waiting, no problem getting seated.

Come and join us. I feel we have the best Mopar turnout of any club in Miami. We have all the modern Mopar muscle represented!

Get those rides ready to show off. The meet is for SSP Miami. It's an open (no particular make/model) car club in Miami. We meet regualrly and also participate in a number of car shows during the year. We also have a couple of drives/events during the year outside of the club meetings. It's a great group and the atmosphere is really laid back. Best of all.... it's free. There is no club membership fee.
This meeting we'll be discussing:

- Tail of the Dragon Cruise We head out October 6th! We will be discussing the last details. This is the last meet before those heading out leave for the cruise. We cruise up to Tenesee to run the Tail of the Dragon! This one is going to be awesome!

Track Dates We head out to Homestead Speedway. We go out to run at the track's Test-nTune days. We take video, share on-board cameras and then put together the videos of the passes from a few angles. We have a blast. We are also going to run our first SSP Challenge. We are basically setting up an SSP Club Member Bracket Race for braggin rights. That should be in mid-October. Come to the meet and ask me the details!

Karting in October If racing your own ride is not enough, SSP is planning on putting together a day of Karting where we can race indoor and against other SSP members. Come to the meet and ask me the details!

As always, I'll be posting this on at least 8 more dedicated Mopar forums. We should have a good Mopar turnout again! Make sure you're there!


The details:
Date: Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Sports Grill: 9090 SW 97th Avenue, Miami
Plan: Meet up in the North Lot (address above) at 8:00PM, then walk into our dedicated room for dinner!
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