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Meet and Greet and Motor Oil

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Hey guys,

I have contacted my local Amsoil distributor and am planing to get together with him soon and hear what he has to say about their products and the benefits for our cars.

I thought it would be cool to have a meet and greet and have him come out and give us all the 411 on Amsoil. I have never met this guy so I am not trying to promote 4 him just thought some of you guys might want some more info too.

Let me know and I can try and plan something. Windward side would be best if anyone else wants to join me. No date yet just poking for interest.
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Sounds Good!

I am down for that, Dustin. Put it out on LX Forums as well. Even though it was just me an Dustin at Starbucks, it was still cool....what about the rest of you guys. Maybe every one should give dates that are good for them, and we could pick the best from the pool. :bigthumb:
Yup, posted this on both sites today.

Dustin, maybe your guy could come out to Revolution Motor Sports on our Pedder's Day instal / luau......The date should be out next week....hopefully it will happen by the end of the month...that would be good. Dave, at Revolution is super cool. I will mention it to him as he is going to my suspension befor the actual Pedder's Day, so he can have a set up already done on site for guys to test you! Posting this on the LX Forums as well.....Andy
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