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MDS System Info

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Does anyone have anymore information on when this system works? The manual has a very dissapointing tiny paragraph stating what it is and that it works "under light loads", but nothing else. :mad: Is there an RPM range is works in?? Is there a speed range??? For example, will it work over 70 mph crusing? Or slow acceleration past, say, 2500 rpm?? And what's the low end range? If you're crawling at 5-10 mph is it working??? What about sitting for a while at idle? They really didn't give you much info on this one :sad:

Furthermore, there's a line in the manual that states: If the battery is disconnected, the system must be reset. Or it'll never activate. So, what if I change the battery do I reset the system without going to a dealer?? What if the dealership had disconnected the battery for some reason in their "inspections", and the idiots never reset it? How do I know if the system is active??????

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Lovin' my SXT even more. :D

The R/T with MDS it too high tech for me (not to say that the SXT is low tech by any means).
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