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Man i just bought this car!!!!

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Picked it up tuesday and the cover over the headlight bulb on the driver side has already fallen off and is floating around in the casing. Gotta wait for a new headlight and there part numbers are not even there yet. :mad:

I did buy a magnaflow cat back, gibson headers and a k&n cai yesterday though. Im going with foose speedsters in 20" black rims also

I traded my gto in on it
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GoDaddy said:
dang a guy that willingly comes out and says he traded his gto for a charger....welcome purevl...although i am sorry you are having problems with your car....hope everything works out for the best man....i want to say that alright when having some problems. like you mod list...add in a gsm torque controller and you are good to go!!!
is that mod out yet though? Cause i plan on getting it. :happy: Ya the gto was way to small and i already got a camaro with 408 an t88 turbo so speed isnt my main concern. This car is just pimp and drives really nice. The gto went through to radios and had the brakes done twice within 9k miles so if the chargers gonna be a headlight then i will live lol!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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