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Magnaflow + K&N

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After doing 3 weeks of nearly continuous research I decided to go with these mods for the good old 5.7, and I was wondering what your pre-opinions would be.
  • Magnaflow Exhaust System
  • K&N Cold Air Intake
Does anyone out there have this combination? How does it sound? Hopefully as good as I'm predicting. I will be putting pics/video up once its all thrown in. i will also be taking photos of the installation for both the exhaust, and CAI - this way I can post some sort of step-by-step.
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I am running magnaflow on my truck... love their products...

for those wanting magnaflow contact Perfromance Peddler... I bought for my AV from them... and they offered a shipped price I could not refuse... if there are alot of people wanting magnaflow maybe see if they will do a reduced price... (they did for the avalanche club... :))
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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