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Magna Flow Exhaus

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Having Magna Flow mufflers installed tomorrow on my Magnesium Pearl Charger R/T. Cutting the resonators off and running straight pipes from the mufflers. Gonna gain at least 15hp to 20hp. Next is the K&N Induction Kit for another 10hp to 20hp. Hoping to top out around 360 or 365HP.

Anyone already have the Magna Flow installed? or the K&N induction kit installed? Are my HP expectations accurate?
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What brand of headers are out there for the charger? I know I saw some under-car pics on a really early chargerforum thread but can't locate that thread now. I am thinking about putting headers on and getting rid of that huge x-resonator for straight pipes. Can't seem to find any brands listing Chargers online so am asking here.
Thanks for the info. Will wait until there is more offered out there. I did see on the webisite listed that they had the JET module chip available. Will have to think about that one. Prices go up so fast!!!!! Last time I bought headers they were for my 75 360 Dodge and those BlackJacks only cost me $126. lol
Thanks for the sale offer on the JET Chip, but I am holding back for a bit to see what GS Motorsports has to offer. :happy:
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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