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I got a friend w/ a magnum who gets on the LX forums. He is trying to get all those guys (magnum, 300, charger) together for a meet in the middle of Nov sometime. Reply back to this if you're interested. We're talking about doing a pot luck of some sort. Grilling, drinking, shooting the **** etc.
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Yeah i be down if the date is right. i too am a member on the lx. shootz!
I'm in, just as long as it's before the 20th.
Just tell me when and at what location, Been trying to get one togeather but work nights sleep days so kind hard but any way. Name it I will be there.:asleep:
Aloha all, I'm the friend of no-rulz25 that has been tryin' to put together a M&G for all of us lucky LX owners on oahu. So here is the deal for the shindig. Sunday, 19 Nov starting at 1100. Sand Island Park, all the way at the end of sand island access road, I'm sure everybody knows where its at. there are BBQ's there that are perm. set up, bring some grinds and a cooler of your favorite cool beverage. The idea is to all meet up and get to know each other, Maybe discuss the possibilities of forming a local club chapter, and start puttin these things together on a regular basis. lookin' forward to meeting all of you. I hope everyone can make it, if even for just a short time.
Bill (HawaiiMagnum)
I'm down! I hope people show up this time though...
I'll show up. Just down the street from my house.
Sweet! Looks like there's going to be more comers this time around.
O.K. fellas, I see that there were 10 charger's that roger'd up at my role call for Hawaii. And only 4 of you said you're comin to the M&G on Sun. What gives?
Question....with the recent vandalism there, isn't the park closed?
Just wanted to say we had a good turnout for our first LX M&G. There was 6 magnums, 1 300C, and 3 charger's. Myself, HEMILVR, and SRT808 represented the chargers. Hopefully we can get more turnout for the next one in Jan sometime.
I just wanted to thank no-rulz25, HEMILVR, and SRT808 for comin' out. It was great meating you all. This was a lot better than the 1st one. This time we actually had shade and some bbq! The pictures are up in the LXforums.

Here's the link:
So where did this thing actually go down? I drove to the park and it was closed, but didn't see anybody else. Wish I could have met with you all. Let me know when the next one is.
It was moved that day to the Lagoon Park cause Sand Island was closed. I thought they put a sign out but you probably just didn't see it.
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