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2009 Charger
2.7L v6
186k miles

Took my car in because It was pouring out coolant. Mechanic initially stated thermostat and housing are cracked an need to be replaced; never fully agreed because cracked thermostats don’t pour out half a gallon of coolant in a parking spot in a couple minutes. Regardless mechanic fixes thermostat but car is still leaking coolant an then sees water pump is bad. The design of this engine has the water pump internal an requires timing chain to be removed. Long story short mechanic doesn’t tension chain back right, timing is off, starts my car an a valve hits piston. Bent valve. He does a full valve job on my car, new heads, head bolts, spark plugs, etc. and oil change was done 5w20. get my car back and now oil pressure light flickers on and off when at idle. Happens sporadically, not every single stop. Take it back to mechanic, he replaces oil pressure switch. Picked up car today an same issue, one occasion, car is low speed to idle while parking, put my car in reverse, light comes on, engines rumbles an car turns off. It starts back up but don’t know what problem is. I haven’t tested oil pressure myself, but I’m hoping someone has some ideas on where this mechanic may have messed up.. perhaps an after market bolt or hose or drilling a hole too big, I have no idea. I’ve lost all confidence in this mechanic an do not want to take my car back without more information or a possible diagnosis. Any help would be appreciated.
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