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So I recently remembered an issue I have with my 2011 charger(it's in storage rate now so I hadnt thought of it) but in the front driver and passenger sides the floor liner/carpet or whatever it is...not the matts but the insulation and everything on the floor is really loose. It's an ex law enforcement vehicle so I think it got ripped out when they removed the police equiptment. How would you experts go about fixing something like this? Do I have to take it to a detailing shop and get it refastened or something? The entire flooring is loose and puffy like a sponge a shag rug and the floor mats slide like nothing. For example in the passenger side if you don't put any efford to keep your knees bent your feet will just kick out from under you and one time a guy actually fell trying to get out of it...funny for me but I don't want to get sued if someone breaks a hip or finger.

I've seen people put rocker guard or bed liner on the floor of old rebuild muscle cars and hotrods/ratrods but this is only 6 years old so I'd like to keep it as presentable as possible.

The only things I can come up with:
-3M spray adhesive to stick it back down(unless the bottom of it is all stringy and loose like a mop)

-Rhino Liner and an all-weather rubber floor mat that will hide most of it that's easily within sight|Model:Charger&vxp=mtr&hash=item43c11ed068

Thanks in advance for your help
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