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I have a project I'm working on that I need the Sirius satellite wiring... I want to put a computer in my car and remove my head unit. I have the equipment to be able to control the satellite receiver and the amplifier. I just need to tap into the wiring. Since I'm putting the computer in the trunk, it doesn't make much sense to run wires from the front to the trunk when those wires started in the trunk. I also don't want to cut up any of the existing wiring if I don't have to...

So, I'm asking anybody out there that has a 2005-2007 Charger, 300, or Magnum that is no longer using their Sirius and doesn't mind parting with some wiring.

I think the harness part number is 05087104AE, but I haven't gone to the stealer to find out if it is available or how much it is...

If it is the correct wire harness, there will be a connector close to the hood release but under the carpeting. I can get pictures of all this if you want to help me out.... I could give some cash too...

I'd really appreciate it....

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