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I did a search and could not find an answer to my questions...also, if this is in the wrong forum section, would a mod please move it?

I have new front 3157 LED switchbacks I'm preparing to install in my 06 SRT, and have a couple of questions about the load resistors for the turn signal circuit.
I know a lot of other members here have installed LED switchbacks, and hopefully I can get a bit of their knowledge and experience...

1- Which wire controls the turn and which is the ground? I don't have a wiring diagram for the turn/park lamp circuit. I know the resistor goes across the turn/ground wires in parallel, but which wires....

2- Where is a good place to mount the resistor? Would it be ok to just zip tie it to a cross bar or the wire harness, or does it too hot get during operation and needs to be securely mounted (bolted/screwed) for heat dissipation?
I did see where double-sided tape is not recommended, I assume due to heat causing the adhesive to give out. The resistors I have have heat-sink fins on one side, and are in a metal(aluminum?) housing.

Not sure if it matters (wire color/harness style, etc), but my build date is 12/05.

As always, thanks in advance!

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